MODULE II 2023 July Intake

(   Applications now open. Closing in 3 months 4 days 22 hours 7 minutes )

Procedure for Succesful Application


Search for programme of your choice. Ensure you meet the qualification criteria and that you are capable of paying the fees required. Kindly note: All Bachelor of Technology Programmes now require at least KSCE mean-grade C- or equivalent.

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Step 1 - Create Account with Us:

Before you start your application, you need to create an account by entering your email address, mobile phone number and choosing a password. This is to enable you come back and login to track your application status. Remember to enter a correct email and mobile phone number since you will be reached through these contacts.

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Step 2 - Enter Personal Details and obtain a REFERENCE NUMBER:

You are advised to enter your candid personal information since, falsification may lead to automatic disqualification from the applicant list. KINDLY UPLOAD SCANNED COPIES OF PASSPORT PHOTO, BIRTH CERTIFICATE/NATIONAL ID/PASSPORT during the process.

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Step 3 - Pay Application Fees at any branch of Kenya Commercial Bank Using REFERENCE NUMBER as your initial name:

As you pay the non-refundable fee of KES * 2000 write the REFRENCE NUMBER as your initial name on the deposit slip

Kenya Commercial Bank Account Number: 1101632445

* Application fee for Diploma and Degree Programmes is KES 2,000. | Application fee for Masters and PhD Programmes is KES 3,000 for Kenyans and KES 3,600 for foreigners.

Step 4 - Enter Academic Qualifications - After Payment Confirmation (About 24 Hours Elapse) no photono photono photono photono photo
Step 5 - Choose your Preferred Programme of Study no photono photono photono photo
Creating Account/ Signing Up/ Registering:

You are required to first create account with us or simply sign up. This is to enable you apply for the programme of your choice securely and conveniently.

It is very simple, enter your email, mobile phone number, and choose a password. You are also required to choose a security question and provide a corresponding answer which you should be the one knowing. The answer doesn't necesarily have to be true, provided you can easily recall it. The security question is used if you forget your password and want to recover it later.

A simple math is also set to enable us confirm that you are a human being, not a robot. The math question does not require a genius.

Recovering Password:

If you are completely unable to remember your password, you do not need to panic! Simply click recover password link to reset your password.

Sometimes you may find that you are entering a WRONG EMAIL ADDRESS not necessarily a wrong password. In that case, you can always recover email entered during account creation.

In case you want to wipe out all account details and start over again, kindly click reset account. This is possible if and only you had not obtained a reference number.

For those who are unable to get assistance through the above mechanisms, they should call or visit the Office of Student Admission and Recruitment to reset their account passwords.


Application fee for Diploma and Degree Programmes is KES 2,000.

Application fee for Masters and PhD Programmes is KES 3,000 for Kenyans and KES 3,600 for foreigners.

Bank Details:

Co-operative Bank of Kenya Kenya A/C No. 01129006234900 [preferred] / Commercial Bank A/C No. 1101632445.

Payment Procedure:

DO NOT pay application fee before obtaining your reference number!

  • Create account if you had not created before.
  • Fill-in your personal details, submit to obtain a REFERENCE NUMBER.
  • Pay application fee, quoting your FULL REFERENCE NUMBER as your initial name on the deposit slip, at any branch of either Equity Bank of Kenya or Co-operative Bank of Kenya.
  • Wait for about 24 banking hours after paying, or just the following day (weekends and holidays excluded).
  • The payment will be effected or confirmed automatically!
  • Come back to the portal and proceed with the application process.
Self Payment Confirmation:

Sometimes bank tellers or agents do not capture the full reference number while receipting or simply capture ID number. This makes your payment not to be automatically effected on the portal. If you experience that, kindly try confirm by yourself or email the scanned copy of the bankslip to or physically visit the Finance Office.

Application Process:

Once your payment has been confirmed, you will be allowed to enter your academic qualifications then apply for the programme of your choice.

After entering your academic qualifications, you will be required to upload clear scanned copies of your certificates and testimonials that are applicable to the programme you want to apply for.

Design/Graphic related programmes require artwork portfolios; kindly upload them as testimonials during this time if you will be applying for such programmes.

After completing the academic qualifications, you will be able now to choose your programme of choice. Remember to select programmes that meet your qualifications.

Kindly note that you can apply for more than one programme. This is possible if you pay an extra application fee.

Remember also that you can apply for a MAXIMUM of THREE(3) programmes even if you paid for over three applications. You can always claim for a refund if you happen to have paid for more than three applications.

Selection Process:

Once you successfully apply for a programme, you will wait for the short-listing or selection to be carried out. SELECTION IS DONE BASED ON THE MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS AND CLASS CAPACITY OF A PROGRAMME.

Your application goes to the respective department where preliminary vetting is done by the Head of the Department (HoD). From the department, your application goes through the School, Faculty and finally approved by the University Selection Panel. At the Selection Panel, you are informed whether you qualify or not for the programme you applied for.

There are remarks sent to applicants whose applications have been set pending. This usually occurs when the applicant doesn't upload some documents or the academic credentials are questionable.

It is always prudent to keep on checking for your status to identify any incomplete application or notification.

Selection is usually done in batches; first one being around July, and subsequently, every three to four weeks.

After being selected or marked qualified, you will be given a link to download a calling letter plus joining instructions.

Admission Process:

Admission of qualified applicants is usually carried out around September.

During Admission, you are required to pay full first semester fees and accompany yourself with the original academic certificates, national ID/passport/bith certificate, and related testimonials. Then present yourself PHYSICALLY to the Admission and Recruitment Office.

Orientation for new students is usually done during the week of admission.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What should I do if I paid, 24 banking hours have elapsed, and still I cannot proceed to the next step?
This maybe because while paying the application fee, the bank teller or agent did not capture your correct Reference Number, or we have not received your payment confirmation from the bank you paid at. In that case, kindly scan and send (requires login) a clear copy of the payment bank slip for confirmation, or contact the Finance Office to determine the cause of such delay for payment confirmation.
I cannot access my account, what should I do?

First, check whether you had created an account and that you are entering the correct email address.

If the email address is correct and still cannot login, try resetting the password.

If you are unable to reset your password, try resetting your account. But this works if and only if you had not been given a reference number.

If you exhaust those options, kindly contact the Office of Student Admission and Recruitment to reset your password.

When shall I know that I have qualified or not?
Selection is usually done in batches; the first one being around July, subsequently after every two to three weeks upto mid August. Once selection for your programme is completed, you will be notified through the portal, email, SMS, or voice call.
How should I know the programme I qualify for?
For you to qualify for a programme, you MUST first meet the minimum academic qualifications, then at the time of consideration the capacity required should have not been exceeded. Sometimes you may meet the minimum requirements but fail to be considered because the class number required is already reached.
Can I defer my studies?
Yes. But your deferment can ONLY be granted if you had been ADMITTED for the programme you applied and qualified for.
Can I apply using an application form other than online?

All Module II applications for both diploma and degree programmes are done online on this portal.

Applicants for posgraduate programmes can download application forms available at the School of Graduate and Advanced Studies website. Postgraduate applicants should also fill in their details online here on this portal in order to get Admission Numbers and be able to access the Student Online Portal once they are registered.

Are there Certificate Courses?

TU-K in collaboration with GIZ SOGA currently offer some Short Courses(going for about 6 months). You can apply for the Internationally Bench-Marked Training for Industry here...

Although, TU-K does not offer the 1-year Certificate programmes. But you will be notified in case the Certificate courses are revived.

What should I do if I paid before getting a Reference Number?
In such a case, kindly create an account and obtain a Reference Number then scan and send (requires login) a clear copy of the bank slip or physically visit the Finance Department with the original bank slip.
Can I use my previous Reference Number?
No. In every application cycle, new Reference Numbers are generated even if you applied for a programme the previous cycle. You should always first check for your new Reference Number before paying when applying for a programme in subsquent intake cycles.
When is the deadline for receiving applications?
Deadlines are usually set in every advertisement, and displayed on the this portal too. Current Status:
(   Applications now open. Closing in 3 months 4 days 22 hours 7 minutes )
How do I apply?
  1. Create Account with us or sign in if the account is already created;
  2. Enter your personal details to obtain a REFERENCE NUMBER which is in the form of APP/xxxxx/2023;
  3. Enter your academic qualifications and upload scanned copies of the corresponding certificates or result slips. Please note that result slips for examinations taken more than two years ago will not be accepted;
  4. Pay the application fee of KES 2,000 for Diploma/undergraduate programmes, KES 3,000 for postgraduate programmes, and KES 3,600 (USD 36) for foreign applicants. These payments should be made through MPESA Paybill number 5236153 and account number should be your application REFERENCE NUMBER obtained in 2. above. The payment will be confirmed automatically after 24 banking hours;
  5. After the elapse of 24 banking hours, return to this portal, log in and choose your preferred programme of study; thereafter,
  6. SUBMIT your programme of choice and wait for the selection process to be concluded. Meanwhile, you are advised to frequently log in, using your account details, to establish the status of your application.
How should the physically challenged or computer iliterate persons apply?
We value such people and we strive to give them equal opportunity to apply. Currently, we advise them to visit a nearby cyber cafe then give instructions and details required for applications. Such persons can also come physically to the University and will be assisted FREE of charge at the Directorate of ICT Services. Meanwhile, we are trying to improve our technology in order to provide alternative assistive technologies for them.
Why should I choose to study in TU-K?

Technical University of Kenya (TU-K) is one of the special public universities in Kenya providing technical education and training. The University is internationally acclaimed for offering hands-on training that enables its graduates to easily fit in the labour market.

Moreover, TU-K engages in research and innovation that is focused on application of technological knowledge and skills in the solution of societal problems.

You can read more about the University here...

You can also view TU-K team on our Staff ePortal browse their qualifications, work experience, publications, among others.