Part I - When to Join
2024-08-30 (Remaining 1 month 5 days 16 hours 11 minutes )
Part II - Requirements
•• KCSE Mean Grade C- (Minus) with D+ (plus) in Maths A/B OR: • 1-year Certificate in a relevant area together with KCSE D+ (Plus)
Part III - Approximate Fees & Projected Study Schedule
Schedule *Projected Academic Calendar **Approx. Fees - Day time/Integrated
(Applies to those joining with K.C.S.E/O-level qualifications)
**Approx. Fees - Part-time/Evening
(Applies to those joining with Diploma (or above) qualifications)
Year1 Semester1Sep 2024 - Dec 202465, 200.00Not available for this mode of study.
Year1 Semester2Jan 2025 - Apr 202528, 200.00Not available for this mode of study.
Year2 Semester1Sep 2025 - Dec 202565, 200.00Not available for this mode of study.
Year2 Semester2Jan 2026 - Apr 202628, 200.00Not available for this mode of study.
Year3 Semester1Sep 2026 - Jan 202765, 200.00Not available for this mode of study.
Year3 Semester2Jan 2027 - May 202728, 200.00Not available for this mode of study.
*This excludes Industrial Attachment/Industrial-Based Learning.
**The University reserves the right to implement fees changes approved by the University Council without prior notice.
Part IV - Where Offered
Part V - Interested in the Programme?
If you are interested in this programme, then start by creating an account with us or signing in , if the account is already created, in order to apply for this programme.

Not Interested in this Programme? You Can Search for Other Programmes below:

Programmes on Offer

1) Business Office Administration
2) Diploma in Accountancy
3) Diploma in Applied Chemistry (Industrial Chemistry)
4) Diploma in Business Administration
5) Diploma in Business Studies ( Business Management/Human Resource Management/Marketing/Logistics and Supply Chain Management/ International Business )
6) Diploma in Counselling Psychology
7) Diploma in Criminology and Security Studies
8) Diploma in Disaster Management
9) Diploma in Entrepreneurship
10) Diploma in Environmental Resource Management
11) Diploma in Integrated Water Resources Management
12) Diploma in International Relations and Diplomacy
13) Diploma in Legal Studies
14) Diploma in Music
15) Diploma in Office Administration: Business Secretarial
16) Diploma in Office Administration: Foreign Language e Secretarial
17) Diploma in Office Administration:Legal Secretarial
18) Diploma in Office Administration:Medical Secretarial
19) Diploma in Pharmaceutical Technology
20) Diploma in Social Work and Community Development
21) Diploma in Technology ( Actuarial Science )
22) Diploma in Technology (Aeronautical Engineering)
23) Diploma in Technology (Analytical Chemistry)
24) Diploma in Technology( Applied Statistics)
25) Diploma in Technology (Architecture)
26) Diploma in Technology (Archives and Records Managements)
27) Diploma in Technology (Biotechnology)
28) Diploma in Technology (Building Construction)
29) Diploma in Technology (Business Information Technology)
30) Diploma in Technology (Chemical Engineering Technology)
31) Diploma in Technology (Civil Engineering)
32) Diploma in Technology ( Communication and Computer Networks )
33) Diploma in Technology (Community Health and Wellness)
34) Diploma in Technology (Computer Technology)
35) Diploma in Technology (Construction Management)
36) Diploma in Technology (Design)
37) Diploma in Technology ( Electrical and Electronics Engineering )
38) Diploma in Technology (Event and Convention Management)
39) Diploma in Technology ( Fashion Design )
40) Diploma in Technology (Geoinformation Technology)
41) Diploma in Technology (Hairdressing and Beauty Therapy)
42) Diploma in Technology (Hotel and Restaurant Management)
43) Diploma in Technology in Biochemistry
44) Diploma in Technology in Ecology and Conservation Biology
45) Diploma in Technology in Food Science and Technology
46) Diploma in Technology (Information Technology)
47) Diploma in Technology in Health Records and Information Technology
48) Diploma in Technology in Industrial and Applied Biology
49) Diploma in Technology (Institutional Catering and Accommodation Management)
50) Diploma in Technology ( Journalism and Mass Communication )
51) Diploma in Technology (Library and Information Science)
52) Diploma in Technology (Mechanical Engineering: Automotive and Autotronic Engineering)
53) Diploma in Technology (Mechanical Engineering: Industrial Plant and Energy Engineering)
54) Diploma in Technology (Mechanical Engineering: Manufacturing Engineering)
55) Diploma in Technology (Mechanical Engineering:Mechatronics Engineering)
56) Diploma in Technology (Mechanical Engineering:Refrigiration and Air Conditioning)
57) Diploma in Technology (Mechanical Engineering:Structural Fabrication and Metallurgical Engineering)
58) Diploma in Technology ( Mechanical Engineering Technology )
59) Diploma in Technology (Nutrition and Dietetics)
60) Diploma in Technology ( Printing )
61) Diploma in Technology (Quantity Surveying)
62) Diploma in Technology (Real Estate)
63) Diploma in Technology Science Laboratory Technology
64) Diploma in Technology (Surveying Technology)
65) Diploma in Technology (Technical and Applied Physics)
66) Diploma in Technology (Textile Technology)
67) Diploma in Technology (Tourism and Travel Management )
1) Bachelor in Technology (Journalism and Mass Communication)
2) Bachelor of Applied Science (Geospatial Information and Communication)
3) Bachelor of Architectural Studies/Bachelor of Architecture
4) Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies
5) Bachelor of Arts in Criminology and Security Management
6) Bachelor of Arts in International Relations and Diplomacy
7) Bachelor of Arts in Social Work and Community Development
8) Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Studies
9) Bachelor of Arts in Visual Art
10) Bachelor of Arts Music Studies
11) BACHELOR OF BUILT ENVIRONMENT (Urban Design and Development)
12) Bachelor of Business Studies : ( Business Management/Human Resource Management/Marketing/Logistics and Supply Chain Management/ International Business)
13) Bachelor of Commerce
14) Bachelor of Economics
15) Bachelor of Engineering (Aeronautical Engineering)
16) Bachelor of Engineering (Chemical Engineering)
17) Bachelor of Engineering (Civil Engineering)
18) Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical & Electronics Engineering)
19) Bachelor of Engineering (Geospatial Engineering)
20) Bachelor of Engineering in Biosystems and Environmental Engineering
21) Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical Engineering)
22) Bachelor of Music
23) Bachelor of Philosophy in Technology (Printing Technology)
24) Bachelor of Public Health
25) Bachelor of Quantity Surveying
26) Bachelor of Real Estate
27) Bachelor of Science (Biochemistry)
28) Bachelor of Science (Counseling Psychology)
29) Bachelor of Science in Accountancy
30) Bachelor of Science in Event and Convention Management
31) Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management
32) Bachelor of Science in Information Science
33) Bachelor of Science (Land Administration)
34) Bachelor of Science (Mathematics)
35) Bachelor of Science (Medical Laboratory Science)
36) Bachelor of Science (Nutrition and Dietetics)
37) Bachelor of Science (Tourism and Travel Management)
38) Bachelor of Technology ( Applied Statistics )
39) Bachelor of Technology (Building Construction)
40) Bachelor of Technology (Business Information Technology)
41) Bachelor of Technology (Chemical Engineering)
42) Bachelor of Technology (Civil Engineering)
43) Bachelor of Technology ( Communication and Computer Networks)
44) Bachelor of Technology (Computer Technology)
45) Bachelor of Technology (Ecology and Conservation Biology)
46) Bachelor of Technology (Electrical and Electronics Eng. Technology )
47) Bachelor of Technology (Environmental Resource Management)
48) Bachelor of Technology ( Fashion Design )
49) Bachelor of Technology (Food Science and Technology)
50) Bachelor of Technology (Geoinformation Technology)
51) Bachelor of Technology in Applied Biology
52) Bachelor of Technology in Biotechnology
53) Bachelor of Technology in Design
54) BACHELOR OF TECHNOLOGY (Industrial and Applied Chemistry)
55) Bachelor of Technology in Environmental Science
56) Bachelor of Technology (Information Technology)
57) Bachelor of Technology in Health Systems Management
58) Bachelor of Technology in Hotel and Restaurant Management
59) Bachelor of Technology in Information Studies
60) Bachelor of Technology in Institutional Catering & Accommodation
61) Bachelor of Technology in Integrated Water Resources Management
62) Bachelor of Technology in Medicinal Chemistry
63) Bachelor of Technology in Music
64) Bachelor of Technology in Office Administration and Technology
65) Bachelor of Technology in Science Laboratory Technology
66) Bachelor of Technology in Tourism and Travel Management
67) Bachelor of Technology(Mechanical Engineering Technology )
68) Bachelor of Technology (Nutrition and Dietetics)
69) Bachelor of Technology (Printing)
70) Bachelor of Technology (Surveying Technology)
71) BACHELOR OF TECHNOLOGY (Technical and Applied Physics)
72) Bachelor of Technology ( Textile Technology )
73) Bachelor of The Built Environment (Construction Management)
74) Bachelor of the Built Environment (Urban and Regional Planning)
75) Bachelor Public Health
1) Master of Applied Linguistics
2) Master of Arts in Entrepreneurship
3) Master of Business Administration
4) Master of Business Administration: (Accounting, Finance, Human Resource Management, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Marketing Management, Strategic Management, Business Analytics, Information Systems and Technology Management, Operations Strategy and Management, International Trade and Business Management, Risk and Actuarial Science, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Management)
5) Master of Construction Project Management
6) Master of Engineering in Civil Engineering
7) Master of Musical Arts in Composition or Performance
8) Master of Music in Music Education or African Music Studies
9) Master of Philosophy in Applied Parasitology
10) Master of Philosophy in Parasitology
11) Master of Public Health
12) Master of Science (Electrical and Electronics Engineering)
13) Master of Science in Applied Parasitology
14) Master of Science in Applied Statistics
15) Master of Science in Biochemistry
16) Master of Science in Biotechnology
17) Master of Science in Clinical Chemistry
18) Master of Science in Clinical Haematology & Blood Transfusion Science
19) Master of Science in Clinical Histocytopathology
20) Master of Science in Community Nutrition
21) Master of Science in Computational Chemistry
22) Master of Science in Entrepreneurship
23) Master of Science in Event and convention Management
24) Master of Science in Food Science and Technology
25) Master of Science in Forensic Biochemistry
26) Master of Science in Hospitality Management
27) Master of Science in Immunology
28) Master of Science in Information and Knowledge Management
29) Master of Science in International Relations
30) Master of Science in Mathematics (Pure or Applied Mathematics)
31) Master of Science in Medical Microbiology
32) Master of Science in Medical Parasitology
33) Master of Science in Medical Physics
34) Master of Science in Medical Virology
35) Master of Science in Microbiology
36) Master of Science in Physics
37) Master of Science in Tourism Management
38) Master of Science (Land Administration)
39) Master of Technology in Analytical Chemistry
40) Master of Technology in Applied Entomology
41) Master of Technology in Applied Parasitology
42) Master of Technology in Biotechnology
43) Master of Technology in Communication and Computer Networks
44) Master of Technology in Computer Technology
45) Master of Technology in Environmental Resource Management
46) Master of Technology in Food Science and Technology
47) Master of Technology in Integrated Water Resources Management
48) Master of Technology in Petroleum Chemical Technology
49) Master of Technology ( Mechanical Engineering Technology)
1) Doctor of Philosophy in Aquaculture
2) Doctor of Philosophy in Biochemistry
3) Doctor of Philosophy in Biodiversity Conservation
4) Doctor of Philosophy in Bioinformatics
5) Doctor of Philosophy in Biotechnology
6) Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration: (Accounting, Finance, Human Resource Management, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Marketing Management, Strategic Management, Business Analytics, Information Systems and Technology Management, Operations Strategy and Management, International Trade and Business Management, Risk and Actuarial Science, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Management)
7) Doctor of Philosophy in Entomology
8) Doctor of Philosophy in Environmental Resource Management
9) Doctor of Philosophy in Epidemiology and Disease control
10) Doctor of Philosophy in Fashion Design and Technology
11) Doctor of Philosophy in Global Developments and Public Policy
12) Doctor of Philosophy in Immunology
13) Doctor of Philosophy in Nutritional Sciences
14) Doctor of Philosophy in Parasitology
15) Doctor of Philosophy in Plant Taxonomy
16) Doctor of Philosophy in Textile Technology
17) Doctor of Philosophy in Wildlife Conservation Management
18) PhD In Biomedical Science(Medical Microbiology, Medical Immunology, Medical Parasitology, Clinical Haematology & Blood Transfusion Science, Clinical Chemistry, Clinical Histocytopathology, Medical Virology)
19) PhD in Chemistry
20) PhD in Civil Engineering
21) PhD in Computer Science
22) PhD in Construction: Project Management
23) PhD in Design
24) PhD in Electrical and Electronic Engineering
25) PhD in Epidemiology and Biostatics
26) PhD in Food Science and Technology
27) PhD in Geospatial Sciences
28) PhD in Health Systems and Finance
29) PhD in Hospitality Management
30) PhD in Human Nutrition
31) PhD in Hydrology and Water Resources
32) PhD in Immunology
33) PhD in Information and Knowledge Management
34) PhD in Information Systems and Technology
35) PhD in Linguistics
36) PhD in Mechanical Engineering
37) PhD in Nutrition and Dietetics
38) PhD in Physics
39) PhD in Public Health ( Epidemiology and Biostatistics, Epidemiology and Disease Control, Epidemiology and Informatics, Health Systems and Health, Health Records Management, Environmental and Occupational Health, Population and Communication Health, and Health Economics)
40) PhD in Tourism Management

Online Application Procedure

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How should I pay for the application fee?
Pay for your application fee via eCitizen Platform. The platform can be accessed by clicking on a button labelled "Pay via eCitizen" which is available on your profile under "4-Application Fees" section. After clicking the button, you will guided accordingly on how to complete the payment process.
I am a foreigner, should I also pay via eCitizen Platform or there are other payment alternatives?
There are no payment alternatives. Foreigners are advised to use 'Debit/Credit/Prepaid Card' option to complete their payment process through the eCitizen Platform. Please ensure that the card is authorized for Internet transactions by the respective issuing bank.
Can I deposit the application fee directly into the University Bank Account?
When shall I report for studies if I given admission?
Reporting date for diploma and undergraduate: 2024-08-30 (Remaining 1 month 5 days 16 hours 11 minutes ). However, for postgraduate admission, reporting is usually immediate.
I cannot access my account, what should I do?

First, check whether you had created an account and that you are entering the correct email address.

If the email address is correct and still cannot login, try resetting the password.

If you are unable to reset your password, try resetting your account. But this works if and only if you had not been given a reference number.

If you exhaust those options, kindly contact the Office of Student Admission and Recruitment to reset your password.

When shall I get feedback regarding my admission once I submit my application?
Selection for diploma and undergraduate applications is done in batches; the first one being around July, and subsequently after every two to three weeks upto mid August. Once selection for your programme is completed, you will be notified through the portal, email, SMS, or voice call. For postgraduate, selection is usually initiated immediately an application is submitted.
How should I know the programme I qualify for?
Please browse the programmes on offer, where you will find minimum requirements, study schedule, and the cost. This then will guide your choice for programmes. Some programmes are very competitive such that meeting the minimum requirements and affording the cost do not guarantee admission into such programmes. You are therefore advised to submit your applications early.
Can I defer my studies?
Yes. But your deferment can ONLY be granted if you had been ADMITTED for the programme you applied and qualified for.
Can I apply using an application form other than online?
No. All applications are done online on this portal.
Are there Certificate Courses?
No. Currently, certificates courses are not offered in the University. Please check with us in future.
What should I do if I paid before getting a Reference Number?
In such a case, kindly create an account and obtain a Reference Number then scan and send (requires login) a clear copy of the bank slip or physically visit the Finance Department with the original bank slip.
Can I use my previous Reference Number?
No. In every application cycle, new Reference Numbers are generated even if you applied for a programme the previous cycle. You should always first check for your new Reference Number before paying when applying for a programme in subsquent intake cycles.
When is the deadline for receiving applications?
Deadlines are usually set in every advertisement, and displayed on the this portal too. Current Status: Closing in 6 days 16 hours 11 minutes
How do I apply?
  1. Create Account with us or sign in if the account is already created;
  2. Enter your personal details to obtain a REFERENCE NUMBER which is in the form of APP/xxxxx/2024;
  3. Enter your academic qualifications and upload scanned copies of the corresponding certificates or result slips. Please note that result slips for examinations taken more than two years ago will not be accepted;
  4. Pay the application fee of KES 2,000 for Diploma/undergraduate programmes, KES 3,000 for postgraduate programmes, and KES 3,600 (USD 36) for foreign applicants. These payments should be made through eCitizen Platform. The payment will be confirmed automatically almost immediately;
  5. After payment confirmation from the eCitizen Platform, choose your preferred programme of study; thereafter,
  6. SUBMIT your programme of choice and wait for the selection process to be concluded. Meanwhile, you are advised to frequently log in, using your account details, to establish the status of your application.
How should the physically challenged or computer iliterate persons apply?
We value such people and we strive to give them equal opportunity to apply. Currently, we advise them to visit a nearby cyber cafe then give instructions and details required for applications. Such persons can also come physically to the University and will be assisted FREE of charge at the Directorate of ICT Services. Meanwhile, we are trying to improve our technology in order to provide alternative assistive technologies for them.
Why should I choose to study in TU-K?

Technical University of Kenya (TU-K) is one of the special public universities in Kenya providing technical education and training. The University is internationally acclaimed for offering hands-on training that enables its graduates to easily fit in the labour market.

Moreover, TU-K engages in research and innovation that is focused on application of technological knowledge and skills in the solution of societal problems.

You can read more about the University here...

You can also view TU-K team on our Staff ePortal browse their qualifications, work experience, publications, among others.

Online Application Portal
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